by Bill Eager

Digital conversations now transform the entire business.  If you are in marketing, or actually any aspect of business growth – including product development, customer service, fulfillment – you realize that what is groundbreaking today is our access to a growing database of hundreds of millions of online conversations, a repository of details within an often emotional context that informs a story relevant to all that we do, desire, purchase and talk about.  If you are in marketing this means we can connect with our target audience in new and dramatic ways.

The dilemma of this opportunity is the inherent complexity.  The prioritization of your efforts, and the nature of communication across different platforms, screens and networks is more demanding than ever.  The level of knowledge and critical thinking required to effectively navigate this complexity can quickly overburden a individual, even a small team.  To make things more complex we realize that an emerging, more sophisticated generation who acts and thinks differently than we do is ever present and growing.

The opportunity that exists is unique in the history of advertising, communications and social interaction. How?  It starts with the opportunity to access a global database of historical and real-time dialog about every topic discussed online.  What you will find is that conversations relating to your business, products and services may lead far beyond insights that help shape a marketing message.  This is the kind of information that can help you attract new prospective customers, positively impact the relationships you have with current ones, and ultimately transform your business with new products, services and dialogs that resonate with customers.

Consumers are relating to content, dialog and community in entirely new ways.  Consider speed.  People move through content very quickly.  We are talking seconds, not minutes. This changes the dynamics of content. The same with dialog and community. It can be deep and powerful; but also rapid.  If you’ve ever seen a large school of fish, or a big flock of birds, you know that there can be an enormous number of participants that move together.  In an instant the entire group seems to move in a completely new direction.  This is the new

digital.  People who are passionate about a subject, even a brand, come together quickly and intensely when something grabs their attention.  Our job is to catch these trends that impact our business models as they occur… or be left behind! More articles at