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One of the big challenges for Internet marketers is the issue of where to find prospects and customers.  While Google ads remains an effective PAID channel, we find that potential customers now navigate in and between many different channels.

For example, you might find an interesting Pin on Pinterest that shows a delicious Mexican chicken mole which moves you over to a Yelp review for a restaurant that connects to a Facebook business page where you leave a comment before jumping to a YouTube video that shares a recipe that ultimately drives you to a landing page on a Web site where you can make a reservation for dinner.  And this can all happen in less than 3 minutes.

Audiences move rapidly from one channel (paid, earned, owned or social) to another. And, they move between devices.  It’s not uncommon to see something on a smart phone or a tablet that you send to your friends and yourself which is then viewed on a PC… or a laptop….or phone… or tablet.

Content itself is now ubiquitous in all forms…. text, images, audio, video, PDF and powerpoint.  Inexpensive bandwidth and mega drives and servers have allowed all of this to happen.

This inter-connectedness of content and platforms has always been at the heart of the Internet.  It was, in fact, the reason it was called The Web.  It empowers users to move effortlessly around the globe, from point A to point J over to point D.   And we love it.

The challenge for marketers is where to make the connection that will drive prospects through a digital sales funnel?  The answer may not be pretty because the answer is EVERYWHERE.   Thus, the now popular phrase: Omnichannel Marketing.

You need to use digital listening and analytics to inform your strategy about the many different channels your prospects use.  Then, you need to connect with them at all of these locations and empower them to effortlessly navigate across channels to access the content that is relevant to them and will help move them along the path of discovery and, ultimately, customership.

The good news is that many of the channels you need to have a presence on are largely free to play.  Advertising on these channels may up the ante and click throughs; but the primary goal is visibility.  You save time by sharing your stories across channels and focusing on the areas of highest interest to your target audience.

Just know that if you aren’t in the sand box no one can play with you… oh… and don’t forget to visit my web site, youtube channel, facebook page, instagram, twitter and flickr accounts….

Bill Eager