Bill is an international authority on the applications and technology of the Internet.

Because of his experience and insights, Bill has been interviewed and quoted in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, the PEW Institute.



Bill’s Recent Presentations

Conference: American Recovery
Location: Orlando, Florida
Presentation: Security and the Use of Online Services to Qualify and Locate Applicants


Conference: American Society of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC)
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Presentation: National Conference: 3 Hour Workshop: Using the Internet to Reach Your Market


Conference: Best Practices Executive Retreat Wake Forest University
Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Presentation: Discussion of Online and Virtual Communities


Conference: Cargo Network Services
Location: Miami, Florida
Presentation: The Internet and the Transportation Industry


Conference: Chase Manhattan Bank
Location: Pebble Beach, California
Presentation: Electronic Commerce on the Internet


Conference: Commerce on the Internet
Location: Denver, Colorado
Presentation: How to Use the Internet to Improve Business Productivity


Conference: Connecting Canadians
Location: Grand Prairie, Alberta
Presentation: The Impact of the Internet on Rural Communities and Small Business


Conference: Council of Engineers, Scientist and Society Executives
Location: Marco Island, Florida
Presentation: The New Millennium: Melding Technology and the Human Factor


Conference: Discover Card
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Presentation: Smart Cards and Consumers


Conference: Floor Installation Association of North America
Location: Saint Paul, Minneapolis
Presentation: New Trends in Manufacturer, Dealer and Distributor Networks


Conference: Fluid Power Distributors National Conference
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Presentation: Exploration of the Internet


Conference: Industrial Designers Society Annual Conference
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Presentation: How to Use the Internet to Reach Your Target Audience


Conference: Instrument Society of America
Location: Denver, CO
Presentation: Presidents Meeting Workshop on Effective Use of Computer Technology


Conference: International Association of Fairs
Location: Branson, Missouri
Presentation: The Future of Entertainment Technology


Conference: International Inflight Food Service Association
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Presentation: The Impact of Electronic Communications on the Food Service Industry


Conference: International Publishers Conference
Location: Cartagena, Columbia, South America
Presentation: How Publishers in South America Can Use the Internet to Enhance Communications


Conference: Internet World
Location: Los Angeles, California
Presentation: Using the Web to Enhance Internal and External Communications


Conference: INVESCO
Location: Denver, Colorado
Presentation: Senior Management Retreat and Internet Planning


Conference: ISPCon
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Presentation: Broadband Applications Today and Tomorrow


Conference: Jeppesen
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Presentation: Using the Internet for Global Competition


Conference: M&I Data
Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Presentation: The Internet as a Financial Business Tool


Conference: Meeting Planners International
Location: Denver, Colorado
Presentation: Using Technology To Enhance Time Management

Conference: National Art Materials Trade Association
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas
Presentation: Promoting and Selling Art Supplies on the Internet


Conference: National Association of Healthcare Recruitment
Location: Seattle, Washington
Presentation: Using Technology to Save Time in Healthcare Careers


Conference: National Association of State Retirement Administrators
Location: Monterey, California
Presentation: Using Communication Technology to Serve Members


Conference: National Coil Coaters Association
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Presentation: Electronic Commerce for the Steel Industry


Conference: National Tour Association
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Presentation: Promoting Tourism Via the Web


Conference: National Video Teleconference: Exploring the Internet 4
Location: Chicago, Illinois (linked by satellite to 300 sites across the US and Canada)
Presentation: The World Wide Web: An Overview


Conference: Northern Trust Bank
Location: Miami, FL
Presentation: What Investors Need to Know About The Internet


Conference: Novartis
Location: Short Hills, New Jersey
Presentation: Networking for Knowledge: IT Issues


Conference: Phoenix Convention Bureau
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Presentation: How Companies Can Use the Internet to Attract New Customers


Conference: Putting the Web to Work
Location: Denver, Colorado
Presentation: Internet Strategies & Tactics for Small and Emerging Companies


Conference: Society of Applied Learning Technology International Conference 
Location: Washington D.C.
Presentation: The Benefits and Challenges of Distributing Multimedia over Networks


Conference: Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Presentation: Using the Internet to Enhance Customer Service


Conference: Steel Service Center Institute
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Presentation: E-business and the Steel Industry

Conference: Storage Technology
Location: San Diego, California
Presentation: Executive Conference: Locking the Doors: What You Need to Know about Security and Virus Protection


Conference: TCA Management
Location: Del Lago Resort, Montgomery, Texas
Presentation: Cable & The Internet: High Speed Access and Content


Conference: West Virginia Tourism Conference
Location: White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Presentation: Todays Tourism Technology: How To Promote Tourism on the Internet


Conference: Uniform and Textile Service Association
Location: San Francisco, California
Presentation: Challenges and Benefits of Using the Internet as a Sales Channel


Conference: Verizon
Location: Washington, D.C.
Presentation: Kick Off of Internet Learning Tutor at National Press Club