Landing page tips. Landing pages are often key elements of a digital campaign. But, like campaigns themselves, landing pages can be designed to accomplish a variety of different outcomes based upon your goals for the campaign. In most cases landing pages are wrapped into the main domain for your site; but if you are launching a new product or conducting product testing, then you might want to create a separate URL. Here are four different types of landing pages:

Lead Generation – the main purpose is to collect information from prospects to move them into a sales funnel.

Click Through – the main purpose is to provide more detailed information and move the prospect towards a shopping cart sale.

Testing – the main purpose is to get input and feedback on new products and services.

Social Sharing – the main purpose is to continue to enhance the energy of a brand awareness campaign and get people to provide input and/or share content with their multiple social networks.

“You need to get your message or call-to-action complete in less than 10 seconds.” The design of your landing page reflects it’s purpose. Lead generation, for example, needs to have obvious, and easy-to-use, form fields. Often, the incentive for giving information (even an email address) needs to be a “free” digital gift such as an e-book, sample of a service, entry into a contest, etcetera. If you are trying to get a lot of prospects (usually consumer products) then it needs to be as simple as an email address. If you need fewer, but more qualified information (usually B2B services) then ask for email, address, phone and job title).

Because people normally move to landing pages from paid ads or social links, they are not prepared to spend a lot of time on your landing page. As such, your landing page needs to be your “elevator pitch.” You need to get your message or call-to-action complete in less than 10 seconds. As such, consider having all of the important information and visuals “above the fold”… in plain sight when they open the browser window.

Dropbox is an online file hosting and sharing service. Famous investors in the company include rock musicians Bono and The Edge from U2; and the company has been given a valuation of more than $12 billion. One way they get both businesses and individuals to sign up for the service is with free trials. They have a landing page that moves prospects through a rapid process that goes from benefits to a free trial to capture basic account information. At each step, a customer service live chat box opens to help prospects continue on their journey. This turns the landing page into a dynamic environment.

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