Technology to Enhance Sales Force Productivity

This interactive presentation explores how technology creates opportunities to dramatically enhance the sales process. Whether for new or existing accounts, the sales process involves research, lead generation, ongoing communication, negotiation, and customer relationship management. Participants learn specific techniques that dramatically enhance every aspect of the sales process – both individually, and as an organization. A lot of technology is already in place in organizations. The challenge lies not in purchasing more technology, but in discovering keys to the effective use of the technology that is already available.

The latest applications for customer relationship management (CRM) tie directly into the sales process. And, with remote access of prospect and client data, the sales force is empowered to access critical information from any location and share client interactions in real time. Combine, for example, Apple’s GPS-enabled iPad with Google apps for contact management, calendaring conferencing and the sales process can be dramatically enhanced in the field.

Think on These Things

  • How well do you leverage your contacts and leads?
  • How does technology offer a competitive advantage in a consulting sales process?
  • What personal technologies can you use in a sales process that go beyond organizational technologies?
  • Do you maximize your collective intelligence and shared knowledge across virtual and geographic boundaries?
  • How can you use social networks to enhance the sales process?

Immediate Application of Skills

  • Find and connect with qualified customers.
  • Creatively change the way you work.
  • Use technology more effectively.
  • Improve your processes.
  • Enhance your collaboration.

Sales Productivity And Technology Topics

I. Find New Customers
Using the marketing and sales database
Researching tactics for new sales prospects
Online lead generation tactics
Technology networking – finding new relationships with online lead and social networks
Effective use of e-mail in the sales process
The powerful connection between sales, marketing and customer service

II. Communicate With Prospects and Customers
Connect your online and “real-world” communications
Automate communications with prospects and customers
The value and process of profiling customers

III. Sales Force Automation
Case studies: successful companies that use technology to enhance sales and customer relationships
Instant access to sales information
How to improve results with your CRM software
Unified messaging (text, voice, fax) via Internet

IV. Portability: Options For The Portable Sales Force
Laptops and other portable computing devices.
Ubiquitous computing (anywhere access to all files, messages, etc.)
Wireless and satellite connectivity

V. Latest Trends In Internet / Technology Sales Strategies
From click-through to sale, measuring ROI
Blogs – communicating to a target market
Viral marketing, m-commerce and social networks


  • Learn how to use portable technology to enhance sales.
  • Discover how technology can help you sort through an explosion of information to locate new prospects.
  • Improve your prospect and customer intelligence.
  • Enhance productivity with your existing communication devices.

Bill Eager is a Denver, Colorado based Internet, technology and technology trends pioneer. Bill has spent fifteen years writing, implementing and speaking about computer technologies and their impact on companies and organizations. In 1993, after helping create one of the first large-scale Intranets connecting 25,000 employees at BASF, Bill wrote the second book about the Internet, Using the Internet. His ten other books include the best-sellers The Information Payoff and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Marketing. Bill gives keynotes, presentations and workshops about the practical applications of technology at national conferences, company and organizational meetings.

Key Topics

Learn how technology offers a competitive advantage in a consulting sales process.
Discover the critical sales tech tools that every salesperson needs.
Find out how a marketing automation brings qualified leads to the sales team.

what you will learn

If there is one area where technology can make a dramatic difference it is in sales force productivity. We delve into the specific tools that salespeople need including both the hardware and the applications. Then we look at the latest marketing automation systems that refine your sales funnel to a meaningful system for selling products and services, and closing new accounts.

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