Technology and Leadership

This workshop delves into the unique and important relationship between technology, communications, organizational effectiveness and leadership. The goal is to gain an understanding of how technology can be used for a variety of applications that enhance productivity and improve communication. Leaders must be responsible for the appropriate development and use of technology to create organizational efficiencies and competitive advantage.

Time is one of the most valuable aspects of our professional and personal lives. We take a close look at specific information and communication technologies that can make a significant impact on our ability to get things done quickly and efficiently. From your laptop or mobile phone to the latest Google Apps and online marketing automation systems (like Hubspot), Etraining and cloud-based workgroup platforms – these tools make our life easier if we know what is available and how to use them properly.

We all know, simply “throwing technology” at a problem doesn’t always result in more efficient time management. In fact, we often get buried in e-mails and voice mails and have less time to do our jobs. The problem is not the technology, but rather our use of it. We review the practical applications of the communication tools that are available, and learn how to be more effective and organized with these tools. We examine how these communication technologies impact the dynamics of communication, workflow and leadership within a company or organization. Learn how available tools can save a significant amount of time and money as you and your teams learn to work faster on projects and create a culture of effective communication and process improvement.

  • Find out how your organization can benefit by integrating various communication technologies.
  • Tips for avoiding “message” overload.
  • Secrets to keep everyone on the same page with proposals and projects.

Outcomes / Impact

With technology and leadership, leaders learn to leverage their existing communications technology and information technology infrastructure to improve inter-departmental communication; facilitate workgroup project flow and enhance individual employee productivity. In a broader sense we understand how current and new technologies of the information age are changing the way we work and live.

Bill Eager is a Denver, Colorado based Internet, technology and technology trends pioneer. Bill has spent fifteen years writing, implementing and speaking about computer technologies and their impact on companies and organizations. In 1993, after helping create one of the first large-scale Intranets connecting 25,000 employees at BASF, Bill wrote the second book about the Internet, Using the Internet. His ten other books include The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Marketing and Amazon Bestseller Transformative Digital Marketing. Bill gives keynotes, presentations and workshops about the practical applications of technology at national conferences, company and organizational meetings.  Learn what other people say about these dynamic presentations… Click Here!

Key Topics

Key technologies employees and teams need to be productive.
Understand the Google business apps.
Learn how employee advocacy can impact social, sales and customer service.

what you will learn

Leaders in companies and organizations need to understand and use technology to gain a competitive advantage. They also need to empower employees and teams to benefit from the many project management tools that are available. Learn to improve inter-departmental communication; facilitate project flow and enhance employee productivity.

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