Bill Eager

We all know, intuitively and statistically, that digital content is consumed quickly and in bite-sized pieces.  That doesn’t give content creators a lot of time or space to convey important messages.  And what exactly is an important message?

Digital content can serve a wide variety of purposes.  It can entertain, educate, inform, promote, convince… etcetera.  When it comes to building customer relationships the goal of content is to turn attention into trust.  Because when people, your prospects and customers, trust your content… and then trust your business… the relationship prospers.

Let me go a little further on the idea. When a prospect or a customer connects with your Brand Content at an emotional level… it reaffirms THEIR identity.  In other words they see themselves as being a participant with the products and services you offer.  This is why we use emotions… love, surprise, joy, courage, admiration… as the basis of digital messaging. With an emotion it takes a fraction of a second for a person to connect with the message.  This is significantly faster than a message where the viewer has to analyze what the message means.

For example, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, uses images on their Facebook page where we see people engaging in emotional experiences.  In one a woman sits relaxing at the edge of a beautiful pool contemplating nature.  Hilton sells hotel rooms and services, but the message with the Tag Line “The World Is Right Here”, is clearly in the “you are here, enjoying this experience!”

Emotion translates into engagement because the viewer re-affirms their image of themselves as the person in the image/content.  The digital content is now more likely to be shared and engaged (clicked on) — or in this case “Use App”.  The bond of trust must be established and reinforced both with the buyers experience as well as the messaging and reviews on social channels.  Simply put… engage your audiences at an emotional level with digital content and then make sure you walk the talk when they show up as a customer!

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