Overview of Bill Eager’s books.

Translated into twenty languages, more than 1 million copies have been sold.

Transformative Digital Marketing

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274 pp. Redwood Publishing 2017/2018  $14.95 paperback

The Amazon Best Seller Transformative Digital Marketing brings you directly to the intersection of modern marketing and business growth. This is an insider’s view into what forward-thinking marketing agencies and companies do to help brands connect with the people who matter most (their current and prospective customers).

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Marketing

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370 pp. Que. $19.99 paperback

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to successfully market products and services online. You’ll learn about the various types of Internet advertising; techniques for marketing with electronic mail and Internet newsgroups; how to conduct one-to-one marketing and interact with customers. Other topics include the role of search engines, virtual communities and money-saving promotional ideas.

Internet Quick Reference

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200 pp Que. $19.99 paperback

This book is a quick reference to all of the activities that you conduct via the Net. Learn how to access and use Web-based e-mail systems and how to take advantage of e-mail features of both Outlook Express and Netscape Communicator. Discover the latest tools for online communications including chat, forums and video conferencing.


The Information Payoff

246 pp. Prentice Hall PTR. $19.95 paperback

Learn how companies around the world are using electronic communications to improve productivity and enhance employee participation. Interviews with senior-level managers at Fortune 500 companies provide insight into the latest applications and benefits of electronic mail, interactive communications and electronic publications.


Using the Internet

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400 pp. Que. $19.99 paperback

For the new user, this book explains in step-by-step fashion how to get on the Internet and how to use the new graphical, point-and-click computer programs to navigate through the vast resources of the Internet. There are several Windows-based Internet software programs on the disk with this book.


The Information Superhighway Illustrated

184 pp. Que. $24.99 paperback

A vividly illustrated book that explains how the technology of the information superhighway works (the networks, hardware and software) and overviews current and future applications for business, educational institutions and individuals.



387 pp. Que $24.99 paperback

This book shows readers how to successfully locate and retrieve information from the vast resources of the Internet. Chapters are devoted to specific Internet systems such as the Web, newsgroups, mailing lists. Step-by-step instructions illustrate procedures that help locate information about companies, financial resources, reference material and even find e-mail addresses for individuals.