Let me WOW your audience… at a price you can afford!

I give internet keynote presentations about how to engage target audiences, create successful digital campaign strategies and improve digital ROI.

I have led workshops and keynotes that focus on business solutions for executives of major corporations; and I have given keynotes at hundreds of conferences including Compaq Computers, Computer Associates, Discover, International Meeting Planners, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Jeppessen, Storage Technology, Tourism Saskatchewan, Travelocity and Verizon.

I combine a thorough knowledge of the practical applications of the Internet with a fun and interactive presentation.

I craft my keynote presentations specifically for your audience! By actively engaging your audience they learn, have fun and appreciate the time they spend.

Industry Experience

As Director of Corporate Communications at BASF, I proposed and became responsible for the development of one of the first large scale Intranets in the United States in 1992. This online system enables more than 25,000 employees to access a variety of information. As a co-founder of Webb Interactive we created the Jabber IM platform and the company was sold to Oracle. As a Board Member of World Choice Travel I co-wrote a business plan that grew the company to the point it could be sold to Travelocity. As co-founder of bSocial Networks, our Market Lodge technology was the first application to be launched within the Facebook social network for social viralization of ecommerce. I recently helped a Belgium-based organization create the largest work-life balance and wellness social network in Europe. And, in Australia I helped Mooter create a powerful Search Engine that uses predictive modeling to help users rapidly find what they are looking for.

Books and Writing

More than 1 Million people have purchased one of my twelve books about the Internet.  Transformative Digital Marketing is my latest book and details current trends in digital marketing The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Marketing provides insight into how companies and organizations can use the Internet for successful marketing. Using the Internetis a guide to the Internet for the non-technical, casual user and Net.Search shows readers how to effectively locate information on the Internet.  Practical advice from my books are included in keynote presentations.