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A Successful Social Media Editorial Calendar

A successful social media editorial calendar helps you map out a schedule for delivery of your stock and evergreen content.

Cause Marketing Connects Passion for Non Profits

The most engaging stories are the ones based on true life.   And what better story is there then when you help make the world a better place?

Core Values Create Content That Resonates

Your core values provide a wealth of interesting content including content that comes from employees and customers.

Create the Perfect Campaign Brief

A good Campaign Brief sets the stage for a successful campaign by defining your KPIs, audience, stories, timing, budget and other metrics.

Crowdfunding and Community

If you are about to create a crowdfunding project to raise money for a cause, a project or a vision, you need to strategize, in advance, how an online community can help the project grow.

Data is the New Competitive Advantage

Generally, as people move on the continuum from prospect to client they share more and more information with you.  By the time they are a client you have everything you need to have regular dialog and order and payment processing.  What about your leads?

Demand Generation and Lead Scoring Move Prospects Towards Closing

A prospect is a qualified lead; but not necessarily a lead who is ready to make a purchase. This is what Demand Generation does as part of the marketing automation process.

Design A YouTube Content Strategy

YouTube is the best channel to reach target audiences with attention getting messages – video!  Learn how to create a strategy that will grow your base.

Digital Content Turns Attention Into Trust

We all know, intuitively and statistically, that digital content is consumed quickly and in bite-sized pieces.

Employee Advocacy for Social Engagement

Digital employee advocacy.  One category of social influencer that is often overlooked by organizations are the very people who work in your organization.

Engagement Is A Valuable Story Metric

Companies and brands that use Social as a vehicle for brand awareness and lead generation are often faced with the challenge of defining and measuring metrics to demonstrate the value of their efforts…. and calculate a positive ROI.\

Evergreen Versus Campaign Based Content For Social Engagement

Learn how to maximize Evergreen Versus Campaign Based Content For Social Engagement.

Landing Page Tips

Landing pages can serve a variety of purposes based on your campaign goals.  Here are some good ideas.

Metrics for Social Channels

Every social channel has specific metrics you need to follow as well as useful analytic tools to measure your campaigns… learn more.

Non Linear Movement of Prospects Requires Omni-Channel Marketing

One of the big challenges for Internet marketers is the issue of where to find prospects and customers.

Paid, Earned, Owned and Social Channels Overlap

Digital marketing campaigns are a lot like juggling.  You manage several important elements that are all connected to each other.

Social Media Video Engagement

We know content marketing is the focus of digital social media strategies.  Content that engages target audiences with relevant stories that are easily shared.

Split Test Digital Advertising

In digital advertising, split testing, also known as A/B split testing, is a simple, effective way to learn what works and what does not.  And, while the front line of engagement can be a search ad; you also must split test the next link in the chain of action – your the landing page.

Tell Stories and Use Personas

Storytelling is an ancient craft.  Good stories appeal directly to our emotions.  They move us.  As we have noted, one of the main goals of digital marketing is to move audiences towards desired perceptions.

Why Do Stories Resonate With Audiences?

Stories are the foundation of relationships.  A good story connects us with other people and with our own experiences.  Online the same rules apply… learn why.