Social networks are changing the world.


As I was quoted in USA Today we are quickly moving from a few large social networks to hundreds of thousands of them. In fact we are getting an entirely new lexicon built around the use of online social networks. We talk about friends, blogs, apps, widgets, avatars, tablet computing and viral marketing.

There are already more than 1 billion participants on social networks. There are social networks for teenagers, business executives, athletes, everyone. This explosion is directly tied to the benefits that people realize. Social networks create an interconnected planet where people rapidly congregate; share ideas and information; socialize; work on projects and conduct transactions. Humans are social creatures. We enjoy communicating and networking. It is the foundation of career and business development.

Social networks mirror the activities that occur in the real world but they happen faster and at much greater distances. Simultaneously, new media creates opportunities to leverage social networks in ways that were unimaginable a short time ago. For example, cell phones which capture video and seamlessly connect to online social networks empower individuals to share information and experiences with either a small, dedicated group immediate family and business colleagues, or with millions of individuals around the planet. Further, mobile e-commerce (mcommerce) creates an entirely new retail channel. Consumers now spend more than $20 billion a year on mcommerce.

The mobile environment brings new and exciting applications to social media. For example, use an application on an iPad or mobile phone to geo-locate people in your social network. Find a friend or business colleague that is only a few blocks away and invite them to have a coffee. Yes, there is definitely a potential for unwarranted invasion of privacy with this always on, always connected environment. It is the responsibility of each individual to safe guard their virtual presence. This not only changes the way we communicate as humans; but also the way we live, work, conduct business and play.

In this lively and interactive workshop, social networks, the new media and their implications for individuals and organizations are explained in simple, down-to-earth language. We look at historic and current examples that highlight how proper understanding and use of these technology trends can provide a significant competitive advantage. Participants learn how social networks and new media impact their lives and organizations. Case studies and examples illustrate the issues and the powerful applications.

  • How linked are you technologically and creatively with your internal and external communities?
  • How can you use social networks to connect with key audiences, gain a competitive advantage in the market place and share knowledge across virtual and geographic boundaries?
  • What are the value propositions for Facebook pages, widgets, applications, blogs, RSS feeds and other interactive tools used by members of social networks?

Bill Eager is an Internet, technology and technology trends pioneer. Bill has spent fifteen years writing, implementing and speaking about computer technologies and their impact on companies and organizations. In 1993, after helping create one of the first large-scale Intranets connecting 25,000 employees at BASF, Bill wrote the second book about the Internet, Using the Internet. His ten other books include the best-sellers The Information Payoff and The Complete Idiots Guide to Online Marketing. Bill gives keynotes, presentations and workshops about the practical applications of technology at national conferences, company and organizational meetings.

Key Topics

Discover how to engage social audiences with stories.
Find out how to use Instagram and Pinterest to find prospects.
Learn about new channels like Snapchat, Blab and This.

what you will learn

Social channels drive online engagement. In this presentation you will learn how to create and sustain engagement that translates into meaningful and measurable actions. Discover how you can fine tune a multi-channel social media advertising campaign to target specific audiences and achieve dramatic results.

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