Keys to Enhance Digital ROI

Here is a frightening fact: Digital ad spending in the U.S. now exceeds $60 billion annually, yet 80% of marketers struggle demonstrating the effectiveness of their internet based campaigns.

Understanding, and improving, your ROI for digital marketing is essential for small businesses and multinational corporations. In this dynamic and interactive presentation we examine the methods to track and improve ROI in the digital realm.

First we explore the various ways to calculate returns whether it is from new customers and sales to product development and customer service. Brand awareness, reputation management, social responsibility and product innovation are also outcomes from digital engagement.

We examine formulas and processes which help you put numbers to the calculations, and improve your digital ROI. Digital provides a lot more information than other forms of advertising. This information is critical because it helps you create repeatable success. It transforms digital marketing from a guessing game into a scientific process. You learn what works…. and do more of it!

Digital is fast. You can learn in days, even hours, how campaigns, messages and content translate into meaningful prospect and customer interactions. We compare various platforms including the popular social channels, and review the data and insights that are gained with the analytics that are readily available.

We delve into the connections between customer acquisition in digital, the lifetime value of new customers and the best ways to ensure that money spent on digital marketing creates real, measurable returns that provide a positive impact on the bottom line.

As social media becomes standard practice in digital marketing, social ROI becomes an increasingly important topic. Most companies have a difficult time connecting social media with business outcomes. Social is better at moving people into a sales funnel than directly delivering new sales…. social is the top of the sales funnel, not the bottom. We will examine how social ROI can be measured in relation to how it provides new prospects and improves business activities and performance.

Bill Eager is an Internet and technology trends pioneer. In 1994, after creating the first large-scale Intranet connecting 25,000 employees at BASF, Bill wrote the second book about the Internet, Using the Internet. He has authored ten books about technology that have sold more than one million copies. In the 1990’s Bill worked with large scale data center providers Level 3 and Verado with their web sites and services promoting co-location and application service provider offerings. Bill writes and speaks about the impact of Internet based technologies and portable computing on organizations.

Key Topics

Learn the best metrics for calculating ROI
How CAC and LTV fit into digital marketing
Discover how social can feed a sales funnel

what you will learn

Whether you are creating a digital campaign to enhance brand awareness or generate leads for new sales, you want to know your ROI…. and you want to learn how to improve it. This presentation provides the information you need to connect the dots between eyeballs, engagement and bottom line benefits.

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